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The River Oaks staff is 100% pure awesome sauce...we are lucky to have them
1 month ago
- joshua a.
The doctor was excellent at work and handled all queries very well and patiently.
2 months ago
- Vanita M.
Sooo... I just moved to the area. First timer for glasses here🤓. Great experience Dr. Fan was great with getting my eyes checked for prescription, health front and back of your eyes. Dr. Fan explained to me what was being done before it was being so it helped a lot (it being my first time and all) during the process. Jaz helped me pick out glasses while my eye scans came back. Dr Fan was quick with the prescription so i picked out my glasses, style, and color way. Thank you. I’m waiting to get them wish I could show a photo, but it’s about the experience. Thank you staff. Yes check in they make you call you before you before you go in, but they have a system in place. Once you go through the process you’ll get it. It works. 🙏🏼
2 months ago
- Jon G.
This is my first time visiting the River Oaks Family Optometry! THE best visit ever! Everyone was friendly and professional! Explained things clearly and patiently! Very satisfied! 5 stars is well deserved!
3 months ago
- Hong K.
I had an outstanding experience with Dr. Fan and Ronnie today. The exam was quick, painless, and Dr. Fan took care to clearly explain what she was seeing. An added bonus, they accepted my VSP insurance. I would highly recommend this practice!
3 months ago
- Allison P.
Excellent services! Staff are very friendly, helpful, and attentive to my needs. Highly recommended and many thanks!
3 months ago
- Lily Z.
I had a great experience for my first time at River Oaks Family Optometry. The staff(Amanda, Jazzy and Dr. Fan) I encountered were all very helpful and kind.
3 months ago
- michael b.