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Welcome to River Oaks Family Optometry
Your Optometrist in San Jose, CA, Serving Santa Clara and Milpitas

frontWelcome to River Oaks Family Optometry where our optometrist and team cater to your eye care needs. Our practice has served families by offering ortho-k and comprehensive eye care in San Jose, California, and the surrounding areas of Santa Clara and Milpitas, California, for many years. Dr. Elaine Chung provides several eye care services in order to meet her patients’ needs, including adult and children’s eye exams and hard-to-fit contact lenses, to eye emergencies, treatment of eye diseases, ortho-k and co-management of eye surgery such as LASIK.

Our office has a warm, inviting atmosphere and is complete with state-of-the-art retinal scanning technology including a fundus camera that helps us take a closer look at the health of your eyes. Our friendly, outgoing team works hard to help patients feel comfortable. We are located within Silicon Valley and strive to provide excellent care for all who visit us. To learn more about us and to set up your next visit with Dr. Chung and team, we welcome you to contact us today. We are eager to improve your vision!







Our Mission

At River Oaks Family Optometry we’re committed to provide outstanding eye care with exceptional customer service:

  • Your vision and eye health is important to us;
  • We are dedicated to improve your quality of life;
  • We take the time to answer all our patients’ eye care questions and needs;
  • We believe in delivering exceptional customer service;
  • We welcome open, honest and respectful communications;
  • We want to make the process of selecting your new eye wear be fun!

We take pride in taking care of you. Thank you for trusting us!


Elaine Chung, O.D. F.A.A.O.

Q&A with Dr. Chung | Children's Vision

My child is spending a lot of time looking at tablet, Should I be concerned?

This generation of children is spending more and more time on screens and computers. Though this has some benefits related to school and learning, it can also cause some eye troubles. Excessive computer and screen time can cause Computer Vision Syndrome and can possibly contribute to the development and progression of nearsightedness (myopia).

Many studies are being conducted to determine the impact this will have on children. In the meantime, it is important to both limit the amount of time children spend on screens, and also to ensure this screen time is being conducted in a healthy way. Some tips:– monitor the amount of time your child spends on screens– ensure that your child is taking breaks– ensure that your child is maintaining proper posture– ensure the screen device is at least 16-20 inches away from your child’s face


How does a child eye exam different than an adult eye exam?

Children eye exams involve playing games! Through these games, we detect 3 main areas of concerns. We have handheld equipment that can detect:

1) Whether they have a high prescription in both or either eye

2) Whether their eyes are turned or wandering

3) Making sure their ocular structures are healthy

We understand that some of the little ones may be a bit shy and may not respond to the convention questions and answers format. Our doctors are comfortable with using different techniques to play with them to make sure they are seeing properly, do not have a “lazy eye” and that their eyes are healthy.

Myopia Control

Myopia or as it is commonly known, shortsighted/nearsighted is a condition that develops and continues to worsen during school years. Not that long ago, this condition was addressed only with corrective lenses. However, there are long-term risks associated with Myopia, particularly if it began early and progresses quickly. These risks include serious eye diseases and conditions including glaucoma, macular degeneration, and even retinal detachment.

River Oaks Family Optometry is pleased to provide a number of treatment options to slow or even halt the progression of myopia, while significantly decreasing the long-term health risks to your child's vision.


Teen Eye Care, Eye Doctors in San Jose, CA

Child and Teen Eye Care Center

Our office has a friendly, inviting atmosphere for your child and our outgoing team works hard to help your child feel comfortable. Dr. Elaine Chung provides several pediatric eye care services in order to meet her patients’ needs, including children’s eye exams and ortho-k. We are eager to improve your vision! See our new Child and Teen Eye Care page for all the information you need to take the possible best care of your child's vision!

To learn more about us and to set up your next visit with Dr. Chung and team. We can't wait to see you!

Our Designer Optical Shop

At River Oaks Optometry, we strive to provide North San Jose with the latest fashions and brands of designer frames. You’re sure to find the perfect glasses to suit your face, your taste, and your lifestyle. Click here to see some of the quality brands we offer.

What's New?

Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) Launches “Little Kid License” Myopia Awareness Campaign

The Global Myopia Awareness Coalition (GMAC) recently launched its “Little Kid License” campaign to continue to raise awareness of childhood myopia and the new treatment options available. GMAC, of which Treehouse Eyes is a member, invited junior racers to the go-kart track for an unexpected eye exam before heading out...

6 Ways To Maintain Eye Health If You’re Over 50

As we age our eyes start to change, but that doesn’t mean you have to struggle with declining vision. Find out what you can do to maintain eye health after the age of 50.

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