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Treehouse Eyes July Update

Four Local Eyecare Practices Launch New Service to Give Children Better Vision For Life
The Practices Partner with Treehouse EyesⓇ, to Provide A Solution to Treat the Myopia Epidemic for San Francisco Area Children and Tweens

SAN JOSE, CA July 8, 2020 — Today, 173,667 children in San Francisco currently suffer from myopia, nearsighted, or blurry distance vision. That number is expected to grow to 220,557 by just 2030, and with societal changes and the impact of more screen time and less outdoor time due to COVID-19, the number might be even higher. In response to this fast-growing issue our children are facing, four eyecare practices in the San Francisco area have announced a partnership with Treehouse EyesⓇ, the leader in myopia management and treatment to launch a unique treatment center within its office to specifically address myopia in young patients. The four practices are: Warm Springs Optometric Group, Eye to Eye Optometry, River Oaks Family Optometry, and Pacific Rims Optometry.

young girl pink glasses 640Myopia, is a condition that can lead to more severe, sight-threatening diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachments. While eye doctors usually prescribe glasses or contact lenses for kids with myopia, they are only a temporary “fix” and do not fully treat the underlying condition. These four innovative eye-care centers will offer the Treehouse Vision SystemⓇ, a patent-pending protocol that offers a customized treatment plan for myopia to help give children better vision for life. Developed by a team of leading optometrists and ophthalmologists, the Treehouse Vision SystemⓇ is an integrated treatment that combines several of the most efficacious treatments to provide a single therapeutic system.

“The number of myopia cases in our young patients has been growing at an alarming rate, due to more screen time and less time playing outdoors,” said, Dr. Elaine Chung who leads the practice at River Oaks Family Optometry. “With the most recent pandemic, children were forced indoors for more than just social time, they had to finish school through virtual learning, putting their eye health at greater risk for myopia development. We cannot urge enough to parents the importance of their child’s eye checkup this year and seeking treatment as needed.”

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