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COVID-19 Clean Practice Protocol

snow white

Snow White Clean Practice Strategy

Please help us prevent Snow White from eating the COVID19 apple!
Our team of Happy Dwarfs has a mission to prevent you (Snow White) from eating the COVID19 apple. Will you join us on this mission?

River Oaks Family Optometry takes seriously our commitment to protect you, our team and our communities from the spread of COVID-19. Our office already have cleaning protocols in place year round, especially in flu seasons, but we have reinforced these protocols with our doctors and staff.

Below are some of the additional steps we have taken to ensure the safety of everyone in our office:

  • We have instituted appointment screening procedures. We ask that our patients to reschedule their appointments if :
    • they have come in contact with someone who has tested positive to the COVID-19
    • they are showing signs or symptoms of the flu or virus that includes fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc
    • they have recently traveled outside the United States
  • We have allotted extra time in between patients to minimize risks of exposure
  • We sanitize all equipment and patient contact surfaces after every use and again at the end of the day
  • We have designated a specialized area for individual patients to try on frames. We sanitize all ophthalmic frames before and after each patient trial.
  • Our team members wash their hands and wear gloves after contact with each patient and throughout the course of the day.