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Covid-19 Announcement

To our patient family,

Thank you for your patience as we navigate through this difficult time. Please know that we are thinking of the health and safety of you and your families.

Even though our office is temporary closed to comply with the Shelter-In-Place mandate, we are still available for any urgent eye issues either in-office or telemedicine. We are following closely on any updates for Santa Clara County. Please check our webpage,, if there are any changes in regards to dates declared for California, Santa Clara County.

For patients who have scheduled appointments in April, we will reach out to reschedule another day that will work best for you.

Past glasses or contact lens orders:

For those who have ordered glasses or contact lenses and wish them mailed to you, please email your request to or text us at 408-502-7636.

For our contact lens wearer:

If you have less than 3 months supply of contact lenses left, we highly recommend that you place an order now. You may do so at our online contact lens store We are extending contact lenses prescription on a case by case basis for up to 6 months without an evaluation. You may also take advantage of free shipping with the purchase of minimum 2 boxes of contact lenses until May 31, 2020.

At this time, there is no recommendation to discontinue contact lens wear. However, the CDC recommends that we refrain from touching our eyes, nose and mouth. To avoid possible infection, we have always recommended washing your hands thoroughly before handling your contact lenses. We are now recommending that you wash your hands both before and after putting your contact lenses in and again before and after contacts removal. It is also recommended that you follow all manufacturer instructions for proper cleaning and disinfection listed on your contact lens solution bottle. If you are still concerned about disinfection we recommend changing to a hydrogen peroxide solution system such as Clear Care. If you do so, be sure to read the directions carefully prior to use.

Finally, we are offering the option of switching to a daily disposable lens temporarily for patients who are concerned about re-wearing their monthly lenses during this time. If you would like to discuss if that is an option for you, please reach out to our office via email or text 408-502-7636.

We, at River Oaks Family Optometry, wish you and your loved one a safe, healthy, and restful break.


Dr. Chung