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Volunteering on Saturday, August 9, 2014

"What a great experience it was being able to help out at the Health Fair in Salinas. There were so many children who came and participated in this free event for the community. Not only were optometrists there but a mobile dental office was there too. You could tell that the parents were very grateful for their children to be able to get the medical help and attention they needed and deserved. One parent even said to me, "Who put this together? I'd love to write them a thank you letter." Kind words and "thank you" were heard throughout the day by parents, teachers, administrators and fellow volunteers. I'd like to give a last thank you to everyone who helped put this Health Fair together for the kids. It truly was an amazing experience and I would definitely do it again. Who's planning the next one?" 


GVSS Coordinator  


"I had a great experience at the Health Fair in Salinas.  I had the opportunity to help people, mostly with translations. At the same time had the chance to meet great doctors and staff, who are dedicated and sensible at what they do. I feel great to have had the opportunity of helping  at the Health Fair, hopefully we'll have more humanitarian events like this one."



GVSS Coach